1. Contact us

Contact CBRE via website or hotline of Residential Leasing.

7. Lease contract negotiation

Negotiate rental fee between Landlord and Tenant.

2. Property condition checking

Checking defect, unit layout to ensure of unit quantity before leasing.

8. Sign lease contract + hand over the property to the Tenant

3. Hand over the property from Developer

Hand over key, card and electricity device from Developer.

9. Keep follow up with Tenant and Client / solve out issuses

During leased term, CBRE will be on behalf of Landlord to solve any problems occurs.

4. Interior design

Consulting interior design following requirement of Client.

10. Tenant move out

After Tenant move out, CBRE will arrange cleaning service to clean the property before handing over back to Landlord.

5. Deep clean up the property

Contacting cleaning service to clean up the property.

11. Seeking the new Tenant (or sell)

6. Market the property for seeking the new tenant

Market the property via website, Facebook, Linkedln,…